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Legal Obligations

Owners and operators of catering premises and mobile catering units have a legal obligation to keep all gas and electrical equipment and appliances safe and to carry out regular inspections.

Don’t run the risk of fines or even imprisonment for failing to comply with your duty under the regulations. Not sure what the law requires? Call our expert team.


We offer specifically designed inspections for restaurateurs and caterers to ensure that their facilities comply with all the relevant regulations which include:

  • Inspection and testing of all gas and electrical installations, equipment and appliances
  • Safety certification
  • Fault detection


  • Equipment and appliance installation
  • Equipment and appliance servicing
  • Castlepoint Gas & Heating - Commercial, Catering
  • Rewiring and fault detection
  • Detection of any gas leaks or the presence of any carbon monoxide

Mobile Catering

Castlepoint Gas & Heating - Commercial, Catering

  • Mobile appliance servicing
  • Inspection and certification
  • LPG qualified

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